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Children's A.D.H.D. Package (Aged 12 years and under)

Food Sensitivity Work-up (150 Items)


Items include grains, all common fruits, vegetables, cheeses, nuts, meats and food additives.

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Food Sensitivity Work-up + Neurotransmitter Deficiencies + Candida Screen 1 + Nutritional Deficiencies


Adult Packages

Food Sensitivity Work-up (331 Items)


Items include all common foods: grains, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, nuts and seeds, meats and food additives.

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Environmental-inhalant Sensitivity Work-up


116 common environmental items tested, including dog and cat hair, house dust, dust mites, insects, tree, grass and weed pollens and various moulds.

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Moulds & Fungus Inner Body


This test will show what specific mould/fungus is in your body. There are 80 moulds/fungi tested.

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Chemical Sensitivity Work-up


56 common chemical items tested, including acetone, chlorine, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, polyester etc.

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Candida Screen 1


This test will show you if you have a higher level of Candida Albicans (a.k.a. Yeast) than normal. Candida Screen 1 is the initial test. If a moderate or high level of Candida is found, various antifungal remedies will be tested for tolerance and efficacy.

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Parasite Screen 1


This test will show if you have any bad bacteria or parasites and will also show which bacteria or parasite is found and how serious the problem is (the level will be measured). Parasite Screen 1 is the initial test. If any bad bacteria or parasites are found, various remedies will be tested for accuracy and efficacy.

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Candida Screen 2 (Re-check)


 Candida Screen 2 is the follow up test, preferably 3 months or more after Candida Screen 1. The level of Candida will be checked to see if it has decreased. If a remedy is still needed we will check for the remedy that was best tolerated during the Candida Screen 1. If this remedy is not tolerated anymore, or is no longer effective, a new remedy will be found.

Parasite Screen 2 (Re-check)


Parasite Screen 2 is the follow up test, preferable 3 months after Parasite Screen 1. We can just check the level of the bad bacteria/parasite(s) previously detected, or check the entire list to see if any new ones have shown up. If remedies are still needed, we will check the ones that were best tolerated during the Parasite Screen 1 and if these are not tolerated anymore, or are no longer effective, a new remedy will be found.

Dental Materials Compatibility Test


This test is designed for those individuals who require dental work, and want to know their compatibility to the various materials used, such as anesthetics, composites, liners, cements, crown materials, implant materials etc.

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Toxic Metals Detection Screen


This test will show whether or not you have any toxic levels of metals in your system at a cellular level. 21 toxic metals are tested in total.

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Organ Stress Test


This test will show which organs are toxic and need cleansing. The Organ Stress Test is only meant to pinpoint the problems, not to solve them. This is the only test that requires a referral by a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, or chiropractor.


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Homeopathic Work-up 1


Homeopathic Work-Up 1 involves finding your individual potencies to your environmental sensitivities, such as moulds or pollens. Remedies can be provided for a minimal extra cost.

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Homeopathic Work-up 2


With this specific test, the client selects homeopathic remedies from the IQS to either balance the stressed/toxic organs (if the organ stress test was performed) or for specific symptoms, such as sinus congestion or menopausal hot flashes. The client selects the remedies and potencies, through the IQS.

Nutritional Deficiencies & Supplements


This test will show if you are deficient in any mineral or vitamin. A total of 32 vitamins and minerals are tested.

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Geopathic/ Electromagnetic Sensitivity Test


This test will show whether you are suffering from stress caused by geopathic or electromagnetic fields, i.e. underground water streams, electrical appliances such as televisions, computers, fluorescent lights, cell phones etc.

Virus Screen


This test will show whether any viruses are active or dormant in your body. A total of 131 viruses are tested.

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Pesticides Screen


This test will show whether you have toxic levels of pesticides in your body at a cellular level. This test may be important to farmers or gardeners who come into contact with pesticides regularly and to tenants in apartment buildings who get their premises sprayed on a regular basis. Eating foods that are sprayed may contribute to pesticide related problems. Over 100 pesticides are tested.

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Enzyme Deficiency Screening


This test will show if you are deficient in any digestive enzymes. 17 Enzymes are tested.

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Hormone Imbalance Screening


This test will show which hormones are balanced or are in fact imbalanced. 61 hormones are tested.

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Amino Acids Deficiencies


This test will show if you are deficient in any amino acids. 29 amino acids are tested.

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Neurotransmitter Deficiencies


This test will show if you are deficient in any of the neurotransmitters. 21 neurotransmitters are tested.

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Special Offers

(Approx 20% - 36% Discount)

Food Sensitivity + Environmental-inhalant + Chemical Sensitivity Work-up

$225.00 regular $295.00

Candida 1 + Parasite Screen 1

$155.00 regular $190.00

Dental Materials Compatibility Test + Toxic Metals Detection Screen

$175.00 regular $200.00

Food Sensitivity + Candida Screen 1 + Nutritional Deficiencies

$250.00 regular $325.00

Food Sensitivity + Candida Screen 1 + Nutritional Deficiencies + Hormone Imbalance

$300.00 regular $405.00

Prices do not include H.S.T
Prices effective September 1st, 2021; Prices subject to change without notice

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the IQS work? How does the IQS determine whether or not I am sensitive to wheat?

The physicist who designed the IQS, Dr. Roy Curtin, was able to ‘map out’ the electromagnetic frequency of wheat and many more substances. This electrical signature was then translated into digital code so that it could be stored in the software of the computer. When you are being tested for wheat (for example) the IQS converts the digital code of wheat back into its electrical frequency, and a probe sends that frequency of wheat into the acupuncture point on your finger. The frequency then travels along the acupuncture meridian until it reaches the brain. The brain then ‘reads’ the signal and has the body elicit a skin resistance response, which the probe picks up at the same acupuncture point. The IQS converts this skin resistance response into a numerical value which is then recorded and displayed on the monitor. Based on your skin resistance response we can tell if you are perfectly tolerant, mildly, moderately or severely intolerant to wheat or any substance being tested.

How is the IQS different from the regular scratch test performed by an Allergist?

IQS testing does not puncture the skin. The IQS probe simply presses against the skin. With a scratch test, the Allergist is measuring a histamine response by the person. The IQS measures histamine and non-histamine responses. This is especially important when it comes to the testing of foods, as a great number of food reactions are non-histamine responses (tiredness, bloating, headaches, mood changes etc.) and often do not get picked up on a scratch test. Therefore when a person is scratch tested for these foods, the results show no allergies found. Therefore the IQS can uncover hidden food sensitivities a person didn’t know they had. Several of our clients have had scratch tests for foods and no “allergies” were detected. IQS is therefore ideal for testing food sensitivities.

Are there any side effects from IQS testing?

No, as there is no substance being injected into the body, only

frequencies entering the acupuncture point.

Do I need to prepare in any way before being tested with the IQS?

Prior to arriving for your appointment, ensure that you are well nourished and hydrated, as this assists in the efficiency of the test. Right before being tested, you will be asked to remove any metals, including jewellery, cell phones, keys and coins, as these items can interfere with the testing.

Can you be tested if you are pregnant?

Yes you can. IQS testing is perfectly safe for mother and baby.

Can all ages be tested?

Yes, all ages can be tested.

Is IQS testing accurate?

IQS testing has a minimal accuracy rate of 85%. This system is most accurate when testing foods you consume frequently and testing substances that you have been recently exposed to. It is also important to have a properly trained technician testing you, as IQS testing(all E.A.V. testing for that matter) is very operator dependent. All technicians at Red Paw Health Services are exceptionally well trained, and are more skilled than any other technician operating an electrodermal screening instrument. This is because all Red Paw Health Services technicians receive in depth and rigorous training for several months by Alice Korman, who is one of the most experienced E.D.S. operators in Canada. Other E.D.S. facilities in Ontario employ technicians whose standard training is one week long.

Can animals be tested?

YES, dogs and cats can be tested, as long as they can sit for a short period of time. Only Service Dogs are permitted at our Bloor Street West location. If you would like your cat or dog tested, we would suggest you book at our Mississauga location. Dogs and cats are tested surrogately through their owners. We recommend you bring samples of their foods, including treats, when getting your dog or cat tested for foods, in addition to what is being tested on the computer.

I have a question that is not answered on this page or in the other pages!

Please feel free to e-mail us your question. We will be more than happy to answer it.